In April of 2010, the Korean manufacturers of the Turbosonic went out of business. We are still offering support to the point that we can, with very limited parts.

If you purchased a Turbosonic unit from us at TurbosonicUSA, we are offering a trade allowance of your old Turbosonic machine for a brand new, all digital Sonix unit.

The same engineers that developed the life changing Turbosonic went on to create their own company, and they engineered the brand new Sonix -- a truly amazing Sonic Whole Body Vibration machine. The new Sonix offers the same sound frequency and voice coil technology as the Turbosonic unit, but it's more dependable, lighter, more user friendly, much less expensive and comes with a full warranty. We think of the Sonix as the next evolution of the original Turbosonic.

For more information about the Sonix models, please visit In addition, please don't hesitate to contact us at or 877-684-7245. We are here to help.